The Benefits of IP telephony to a Business


When starting a business, good communication network needs to be established so that you can make sure that you can contact your clients and other businesses that you work together. When you think of communication in business, the first idea that comes to the mind is the telephone. Today, this has been improved with the development of internet where you can use Internet Protocol Telephony (IP telephony) to communicate. IP telephone uses the latest technology that has been of benefit to humanity and by using the IP telephony, your business will enjoy the following advantages.

The first benefit that a business used by using PABX System Dubai is the ability to save on expenditure. When you using the old office telephone system, the business usually would spend a lot of money to pay the telephone service providers for the service that they offered. This would require a lot of money as the business could decide on several means that they could use to pay for this. They could pay for this on the daily monthly basis or even through a contract. This would require the business to squeeze their finances so that they could pay for this. With IP telephony, the business uses the internet to communicate which is free and this does not require them to pay for the services but only to pay for the internet connection.

The other advantage that the company or the business enjoys when using the IP telephony is that they get to enjoy a lot of features. Unlike the old phone systems where you could only receive and call, the Yealink IP Phones Dubai has a lot of features that the company enjoys and this is important in ensuring that the company grows. The IP telephony can be of advantage because it will ensure that the company can hold calls, record calls, download calls and also sent mails as a fax.

The next advantage that a business will enjoy from the IP telephone system is the better mobility and connectivity. In IP telephony, you use the internet to communicate and with this, there are benefits that you enjoy such as better connectivity that is uninterrupted by other waves. This is also of advantage because you can communicate to anyone on the globe because you do not depend on the telephone service providers’ network. This will be of advantage because of the low cost that you will use to communicate and the convenience that the service provides because it doesn’t have to connect through different phone service providers.


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